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Phoenix, Arizona                        

Today TRIBE Comics is announcing the return of Micron! The Adventures of Micron will be returning to
the studio for a redux of all past stories and brand new future stories! The studio has made a deal with
series creator Mandela to gain
all exclusive rights to the character and series. Mandela has decided to go
on an adventure to gain success with another comic book studio and TRIBE Comics wishes him all the
best of luck!
While details of the deal are not disclosed, plans for Micron are
already laid out for the near future.
Micron will be returning to Tribal Stories with redux stories. These stories include new art, story, and
better quality than previous releases! After this run, Micron will remain in Tribal Stories, but continue
with b
rand new releases!
Micron will also be making appearances all across the Tribe Universe including special appearances in
other books, hints and clues towards his stories, and fun little ideas for fans.
“We are thrilled to get Micron going again and canno
t wait to show you what we will be doing with him!
We wish Mandela the best with his future endeavors and we hope he enjoys what the team does with
his character!”
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