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New Staff Changes

Who you ask and for what job? Well the who is Victor Julio Rodriguez

and the what job is New Lead for Members of our TRIBE Comics.

Victor will be helping organize all of our members on there deadlines for their titles.Victor will also be going over our titles with our Marketing to make sure our books will be out on time and look the best that they can be.Also Victor will continue art chores for Shadow :Uprising with Dustin Spino.

X hits the spot.


You might ask yourself who and what is X? Well it’s are longest weekly that we have on our site. Armadillo X is a alien hybrid of our Armadillo brothers. In season one he escaped and was hunted down to be brought back to Armatronics labs.This season he is forced to work with a team of four other Armadillos to handle jobs that need a special touch. So hold on and enjoy our ride as the Armadillo X Squad comes every Saturday right here on