Titles of Universe


Shehi / Spino / Flores

Armadillo Bros.

Born from the DNA of  human,armadillo and alien these brothers and sisters join together to protect Armatronics corporation from the evils of G.Z. city.



Flores / Shehi


Justin Faraday is just an ordinary guy who is looking for employment to make ends meet. Little does he know that his life will change forever with his new found employment!

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Tarr / Shehi / Flores


One day while working downtown construction Oscar Frank was having  lunch Oscar Frank body was changed ,now with his body mutated a crime fighter was born .Forced to retire due to an accident.Now years later he has come out of hero retirement to be the hero once more.

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Spino /Rodriguez /Flores

Shadow: Uprising

Shadow: Uprising opens up the entire universe to become Shadow's playground! When Shadow wakes up on another planet, he teams up with a new group that calls themselves the "Syndicate," and he must return to Earth as an alien invasion takes place.

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