Our Mission: Tribe’s Helping Hands is a non-profit branch of Tribe Comics where all proceeds from charity books and art is sent directly to charities in need.

Artists love creating, but artists normally want to leave a message that changes the world. We decided to take that idea and do just that, change the world. Tribe Helping Hands is a team effort of artists helping create art that will change the world by supporting charities all across the country and raise awareness for important causes.

Tribe Helping Hands was once known as Tribe Kidz Zone and the mission was to create books purely to sell in support of Children Hospital’s around the country. Tribe has created several charity books to support children’s hospitals and has created awareness for the locations that help treat children. This was a great way to put a positive image on the comic book industry, and indie creators, while bridging something that people loved with help necessary to keep children healthy.

Tribe Kidz has now become Tribe’s Helping Hands where we will reach out to any charity in need to support them through art. We work with partners in the indie comic industry, and elsewhere, to create art that will be used purely to support a charity in need. The charities we choose to support will be entirely open to the public to view during our time, and clearly printed on the art sold.

All profit from all art within Tribe Helping Hands is donated to the selected charity. Tribe Comics does not keep any of the profit, and often also donates the fees associated with printing the art.

Fans of comics, or art in general, are highly encouraged to join Tribe in donating art, working with us on new projects, or joining our tables to help raise awareness for their charity. Donations to help assist on print costs are also welcome, and any excess will be donated directly to the charity.


Meet the Team


Scott Shehi

Founder & CEO


Christy Spettnagel

Vice President


William Sanders


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