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X hits the spot.


You might ask yourself who and what is X? Well it’s are longest weekly that we have on our site. Armadillo X is a alien hybrid of our Armadillo brothers. In season one he escaped and was hunted down to be brought back to Armatronics labs.This season he is forced to work with a team of four other Armadillos to handle jobs that need a special touch. So hold on and enjoy our ride as the Armadillo X Squad comes every Saturday right here on tribecomics.com.

Merry Christmas




Wow this year has flown by quick! All of us here at T.R.I.B.E. COMICS want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a great 2017!
For us, we are hard at work getting new issues for some great books done for you, our amazing fans. So check out our local stores and indie planet for the release dates!
Also our events calendar found on our website will be updated with all current shows we are scheduled to attend! Great things are coming and it’s all because of you! So again, thank you!
And Happy Holidays