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An Apple was at Phoenix Comic Con.



In case anyone was wondering if T.R.I.B.E. Comics was at Phoenix Comic Con this year?

One was Our very own Daniel Ramirez aka Bad Apple. Here’s some pics and quotes from him during the weekend.

Ok Folks! Phoenix Comicon Day 1 was great. I met a ton of awesome fans and also continuing to meet some of the greats in the industry that inspired me growing up. Looking forward to sketching some more and meeting more awesome fans today! 👍🏼

Phoenix Comicon #Day2 is on its way!!! A small setback due to yesterday’s incident so security is extremely high and the masses are having to go through security check ins. No Props are allowed for the remainder of the Con. Let’s Do This! — at Phoenix Comicon.

Folks! Day 3 of Phoenix Comicon has just begun and already I’m sketching away. Tons of people and it’s only going get more packed! It’s going to be awesome!!!
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Ok Folks! Last day at Phoenix Comicon and ya sure to be a good one. If you have not picked up your copy of my comic Repo:Thief For Hire and you are not at the Con, not to worry! Message me and get each copy at cover price. That’s right folks, cover price. #1 is $1.99 and # 2 is $2.99 and I can sign them for you if you’d like. You can also check out my publisher T.R.I.B.E. Studio Comics and order through their site at TribeComics.Com.As always, thank you all for your support!
#TheArtOfBadApple #PhoenixComicon17


Hey Folks! Phoenix Comicon was awesome! I want to thank all the awesome fans that made this show a great one. I’d also like to thank the Phoenix Police Department for doing what they do best and kept everyone safe throughout the weekend so everyone could go out and have a great time.
Being able to go out there and share my art with comic fans is just a blessing. Thank you all for your continued support for what I do. Here are some pics I took over the weekend.


Thank you Badapple for representing the indie artist and T.R.I.B.E. Studio Comics.