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New Updates From T.R.I.B.E. Comics.


PHOENIX, AZ – TRIBE Comics is announcing their separation from online digital comic series,
and graphic novel, Kid Intense, along with series creator Vincent Keith Morris Jr. This news
comes alongside a refocused and reenergized company.

TRIBE Comics is sad to announce that the online series Kid Intense will no longer continue,
effective immediately. Artist Vincent Keith Morris Jr. will also no longer be a part of Tribe due
to creative differences. Current colorist for the series included TRIBE owner Scott Shehi, he will
continue to work on other projects.
Tribe staff note, “We wish Vincent the best of luck with his series and future projects as he has
been a great friend of everyone at Tribe. Kid Intense has the ability to be a huge icon and we
hope Vincent achieves this success.”

TRIBE Owner / Artist Scott Shehi stated :
“Vincent has been a great part of this company for several years and I am sad to see him go,
however TRIBE is taking a huge step forward with new approaches. This new direction will see
us in better shape than ever and our dedication to top tier products will make fans extremely
happy to support us as an indie publisher.”
All current issues of Kid Intense will be removed from TRIBE Comics over the coming days.
Currently there are no plans to re-publish the work. Kid Intense can still be found in early issues
of Tribal Stories, while plans to republish the series are underway.
This all comes on the heels of a refocused TRIBE Comics brand. TRIBE has already promoted
artist Victor Rodriguez to a team focused role to help artists in their adventures. TRIBE is also
showcasing this new focus with the weekly ongoing series Armadillo X, and upcoming season 2
of Tiger Barb.

TRIBE will also utilize this refocusing effort to soft reboot Shadow: Uprising, with artist Victor
Rodriguez taking the artistic reigns to gear panels in a more strategic way. The soft reboot will
also be retooled by writer Dustin Spino to better follow along the upcoming Novel, the first novel
that will be published by Tribe Comics.

Other titles will also be looked at and reorganized as needed. Series favorites such as Comic
Bug and Hot Dog Man will continue as they are, with colorist Joe Flores taking creative
advancements in each title. With a new team system in play, each book will be sent through a
team leading TRIBE that will enable them to make sure each release is of the highest

Repo: Thief For Hire is also getting an energizing continuation by artist/writer Daniel Ramirez
(BadApple). With Halloween season lurking, fans should also be on the lookout for new
upcoming TRIBE After Dark titles including Cross and The Missing Half. TRIBE also has several
projects with other artists that are currently in the works and will be announced soon.
Currently no other titles are to be cancelled, and TRIBE will continue to utilize the entire library
of characters to bring in new talent and create amazing stories for fans

An Apple was at Phoenix Comic Con.



In case anyone was wondering if T.R.I.B.E. Comics was at Phoenix Comic Con this year?

One was Our very own Daniel Ramirez aka Bad Apple. Here’s some pics and quotes from him during the weekend.

Ok Folks! Phoenix Comicon Day 1 was great. I met a ton of awesome fans and also continuing to meet some of the greats in the industry that inspired me growing up. Looking forward to sketching some more and meeting more awesome fans today! 👍🏼

Phoenix Comicon #Day2 is on its way!!! A small setback due to yesterday’s incident so security is extremely high and the masses are having to go through security check ins. No Props are allowed for the remainder of the Con. Let’s Do This! — at Phoenix Comicon.

Folks! Day 3 of Phoenix Comicon has just begun and already I’m sketching away. Tons of people and it’s only going get more packed! It’s going to be awesome!!!
#TheArtOfBadApple #PhoenixComicon17 #Commissions #LetsDoThis


Ok Folks! Last day at Phoenix Comicon and ya sure to be a good one. If you have not picked up your copy of my comic Repo:Thief For Hire and you are not at the Con, not to worry! Message me and get each copy at cover price. That’s right folks, cover price. #1 is $1.99 and # 2 is $2.99 and I can sign them for you if you’d like. You can also check out my publisher T.R.I.B.E. Studio Comics and order through their site at TribeComics.Com.As always, thank you all for your support!
#TheArtOfBadApple #PhoenixComicon17


Hey Folks! Phoenix Comicon was awesome! I want to thank all the awesome fans that made this show a great one. I’d also like to thank the Phoenix Police Department for doing what they do best and kept everyone safe throughout the weekend so everyone could go out and have a great time.
Being able to go out there and share my art with comic fans is just a blessing. Thank you all for your continued support for what I do. Here are some pics I took over the weekend.


Thank you Badapple for representing the indie artist and T.R.I.B.E. Studio Comics.