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Wow ,do we have them.
First of all we would like to thank again the Phoenix Fan Fest for having us out there for 2017. We are hoping to be doing more con wise is 2018 so keep on the look out for those dates. We also want to thank everyone over at Dread naught Comics for having us at there Art expo and can’t wait for the next one. Will be posting all pics in albums on fb page for these great ones. Course we are not done yet this year, coming up is Glendale’s most awesome show the Glendale glitters. We will be down at Drawn to Comics on their Brightest Saturday to help celebrate this annual event ,with other great local talent.So join us this Saturday at 5 pm downtown Glendale Arizona.
Second : I would like to let all of you know that Armadillo will be continued this Saturday as well. We are sorry for the delays and pages will be back up weekly .
Third : I ‘m happy to say that next year we are going to be releasing our great titles on time .

Comic Bug our longest running title will be released in the months of Jan, Mar,May,July,Sept,Nov. All six issues will be counting up to the 25th issue of this series.

Shadow:Uprising will be released on Feb,April,June,Aug,Oct,Dec of next year. Which will be leading up to their first Graphic Novel .

Ones that will be given release dates next year will be Armadillo Bros. and Tiger Barb,
Thank you again and see you at the shows.